1 bottle (free 1 Derma Roller): 101 AED - Free Shipping
1 bottle (free 1 Derma Roller): 141 SAR - Free Shipping
2 bottles (free 2 Derma Roller): 149 AED - Free Shipping
2 bootles (free 2 Derma Roller): 235 SAR - Free Shipping


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I bought a combo of 2 bottles, I used it for my hair, my friend used it for my beard. My friend used it to see his beard grow faster, and I used it after 3 weeks to see hair growth. I think it helps beard grow faster than hair
Muhammad Sarfraz
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1 day ago
I bought 3 combos but you don't give me any discount. I am sad because of that. But to be fair, your product is very good. I have recommended your product to my friends, they compliment your product.
Sepali Herath
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20 hours ago
Bakht Afsar
This is really working for me. Ive been using it 6 times a week for 7 weeks. I have sister locs and my hair has grown way more than it usually does in between retightening. My edges are back too! Highly recommended.
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2 minutes ago
legittt!! My baby's hair is growing a lot. The top of the head and forehead were bald before, but now they have improved significantly.
Md Monsur
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1 day ago
I feel like my hair has gotten way longer since I’ve been using this will buy again 😍
Liaquat Ali
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1 day ago
It’s definitely a great quality product and was made with care. I am almost out of my first bottle. I bought (2) one for me and one for my husband. I am not sure about hair thickness when using this product, but I have seen less hair shedding in my hair brush/bathroom since I’ve started using it. 
Rochelle Panesa
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1 day ago


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Note: Please keep in mind that we will contact you by phone number to confirm your order. Orders will only be shipped if the confirmation call is successful. Please keep an eye on your phone in case we call you.


1. Delivery time:
We confirms delivery time according to each specific orders. 

2. Delivery Procedures:
Before delivery 1 day, we will send to you a notify about the quantity and basic specifications of the delivered orders.

3. Place of delivery:
Delivery to customer's address in the contract. We will pay for all accrued delivery costs.

4. Delivery method:
We delivery to you in office hours. The delivery must be signed in delivery note by sender and receiver.
Delivery documents include:
- Delivery note signed confirmation by both parties. 
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- Certificate of origin or quality of products (if any).



A. Terms of exchange & refund:
- Products can be exchange only 1 time within 7 days from the receiving day.
- The product is defective by manufacture.

B. Instruction for changing product:
Customers contact the hotline and website which provides the order / bill of lading number, phone number and the reason for the return. The staff will confirm the order and proceed to exchange / return following the company's process.

For COD, your order will be free shipped, you just need to pay the value of product directly as soon as you receive it.


HOTLINE: 0501790794
If you have an issue or question that requires immediate assistance, Please call us via the hotline above. Very pleased to serve you !!!


HOTLINE: +971 50 179 0821
If you have an issue or question that requires immediate assistance, Please call us via the hotline above. Very pleased to serve you !!!